Bus Priority

Give Public Transport Users The Right of Way!

One in every ten Scottish bus journeys suffers delays. We want investment in bus priority measures to incentivise public transport use in Scotland’s towns and cities.

Congestion seriously affects road-based public transport, leading to less reliable services, longer journey times, higher operating costs, higher fares, worsening pollution, not to mention the multi-million pound annual cost to Scotland’s economy.

Getting people back on to buses would make a major contribution to tackling congestion. This will require both continued investment in better bus services, and also giving priority to public transport on congested routes into urban centres.

We need to see Scotland’s local authorities be incentivised by central government to invest in bus lanes and other priority measures, and to strengthen partnership working with Scotland’s bus industry.

Unfortunately, the Scottish Government’s ‘National Transport Strategy Refresh’ published in January 2016 made no new commitment to investing in bus priority, instead passing the responsibility to local authorities – at a time when local government budgets are under severe financial pressure.

In the succeeding ‘National Transport Strategy Review’, promised to be held after the May 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, we need to see the incoming Scottish administration re-state and reinforce the commitment to bus priority measures and stronger partnership working set out in the 2006 version of the National Transport Strategy. The role of the incoming Scottish administration will be to incentivise local authorities to address the blockages that prevent its aims for public transport being delivered by our 32 local authorities.