Holyrood magazine covers Bus Fair campaign

Nice piece in Holyrood magazine, Scotland’s leading current affairs journal, on the campaign:

“Transport campaigners have called for tax relief to extend to public transport users amid claims it is a “nonsense” such incentives encompass workplace parking but not bus commuters.

“Transform Scotland, a charity that advocates sustainable transport and has a membership of over 60 organisations, said the existing set-up is a “perverse and distorting tax incentive in favour of car use”.

“The organisation, which is today launching a new campaign to move buses higher up the agenda ahead of the Holyrood election in May, said a so-called ‘bus bonus’ should extend to public transport season tickets. The next Scottish Government is also urged to press the UK Government to “correct this distorting tax anomaly”.”

You can read the full article on the Holyrood website.