Transport leader calls for Glasgow bus lane boost

Further investment and prioritisation in bus lane infrastructure is needed to help tackle congestion in Scotland’s major cities, a transport leader has argued.

Fiona Kerr, Managing Director for First Bus in Scotland, said that increasing traffic numbers in Glasgow in recent years have increased journey times and caused problems for the city’s major roads, despite efforts to improve bus lanes since 2012.

Commenting on the issue, Fiona Kerr said:

“Things like congestion have a huge effect on our passengers and that’s why bus priority measures are key, because services are becoming slower.

“In the last 10 years our average speeds in Glasgow have dropped by about two miles an hour, which is a lot of extra time on the bus each year, so we need more of those priority measures – like bus lanes which are being monitored and enforced, bus gates, and smart technology such as priority signalling [at traffic lights].

“Just making it easier for buses to flow through the city centre and in and out of the city, that would make a huge difference.”

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