Scotsman calls for stricter bus priority measures

Alasdair Dalton, transport correspondent for the Scotsman, makes the case for stricter bus priority measures in order to create a “fundamental attitudinal shift” towards buses. Nearly five times as many people in Scotland take the bus as take the train, yet there is still not adequate funding into buses to make them first choice over cars.

Stricter enforcement against parking at bus stops needs to be implemented in order to give buses the priority they deserve, and letting buses pull out and go first needs to become the norm. Dalton comments: “This would all help buses become a more reliable form of transport. That could be highlighted with a smartphone app so waiting passengers could see the progress of their bus, similar to that available for Lothian Buses users.”

He continues: “The more that buses are given the advantage on congested roads, the more people will want to use them.”

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