What have the buses ever done for us?

Buses get us to and from where we work, they give us access to shopping and leisure activities, they provide a vital service to those with low incomes and mobility issues, and they connect people and communities with each other. Buses carry lots of people at one time, reducing the number of vehicles on the road, which helps to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Over the next few months, we're going to be publishing research into the benefits that buses bring to Scotland, for the economy, in tackling inequalities, and cutting road congestion.
Why do we want a fair deal for Scotland's buses?

Why do we want a fair deal for Scotland's buses?

Scotland's buses provide for 425 million passenger journeys each year, and these journeys – for work, shopping and leisure – are good for the economy as well as for communities. However, buses have not received the investment in recent years that has gone into other areas of transport. We believe it's time that the Scottish Government recognised the economic, environmental and social justice benefits that buses provide and properly support buses throughout Scotland, improving and increasing services and benefits bus passengers across the country.

How can we get a fair deal for Scotland's buses?

Here are three things that could be done right now to benefit bus passengers.

Bus priority

Getting people back on to buses would make a major contribution to tackling congestion. We want investment in bus priority measures to incentivise public transport use in Scotland’s towns and cities.

Scotland-wide smart ticketing

Smart ticketing can transform the convenience of bus travel. We want to see Scotland-wide smart ticketing which is accepted across modes of public transport.

'Bus Bonus'

It's a nonsense that our tax system gives tax relief on workplace car parking but offers no help to bus commuters. We want tax relief on public transport season tickets, to give fair and equal treatment for bus users.

What do bus users think?

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